Gated Communities

Villa Maria is the ideal alternative to enjoy life in a comfortable setting. The housing estate comprises 7 gated communities.
Just come and find the place of your dreams.


Located South East, Arroyito features an intense green landscape with an unrivalled background curtain of centenary eucalypts and a natural brook surrounding it at the North East end.

This area comprises plots up to 3000 m². The equine center includes stables and several tracks that contribute to an impressive landscape to practice the equine sport.

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La Esperanza

Located on the main avenue of the Estancia, La Esperanza depicts an outstanding eucalypt forest and a professional polo field.

Comprising 83 plots ranging from 2100 to 4750 m², la Esperanza is an exceptional place to enjoy life in the open air, having the option to build your house either in the Polo or in the Forest, according to your preferred life style.

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Los Álamos

At the Northern end, the area of Los Álamos limits with a friendly natural river and a series of neighboring Estancias that confer the area an unbeatable field spirit.

You can access the place through a rocky main avenue that outstands for its concave shape and ends in an antique avenue of immense plane trees. Featuring wide lands up to 9000 m², Los Álamos keeps some of the original old buildings and makes it a privileged place, just a few steps away from the casco.

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Los Silos

On the Southern end of the housing estate you can reach Los Silos, which comprises varied lands overviewing one of the polo fields.

The landscape also features two lakes that mirror the incredible sunseHonoring its name, this gated community keeps part of Estancia Villa Maria history, with the old brick silos which gives the place a peculiar charm.

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Manzanar Chico

Neighboring the casco’s park, tenths of leafy trees species convey the area magnificent views and colorful accesses. Manzanar Chico’s plots are located at the heart of the old Pereda’s apple farm. It is an alternative to live comfortably and enjoy the nature’s magnificence.

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The Casco

The Historic Casco, 74-hectar long, features the magnificent mansion that today operates as a Boutique Hotel. Several original buildings of that period and an immense variety of centenary trees render a magic surrounding. Estancia Villa María offers in this community a place of incomparable characteristics and a unique residential alternative in Argentina.

Living in this area, with 10000-m2 plots and surrounded by yellowish and reddish trees that festoon it, means being part of a true legendary story.

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Lagunas del Golf

Neighboring the Golf, with a 7,250-yard and 18-hole golf course designed by Randall - Thompson & Maurer Office, the Estancia offers the alternative to live in a space full of awesome views and wide areas. Plots range between 2,000 and 4,500 m² and as 80% of the lakes are located here, most plots overview a lake.

The streets design prioritizes privacy: the comb shape layout ending in cul-de-sac roundabouts makes possible that only owners circulate the area. The land was elevated two meters to allow better views to the golf course. The Club House is very close to the casco.

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Developer: Fiducia Capital Group

Fiducia Capital Group is a Company engaged in the investment and development of high profile housing estates. Since the beginning in 2002, Fiducia Capital Group has successfully developed more than 15 million square meters in housing estates unique in Argentina, worth more than US$ 300 million.